Regular Cylinder (Both Side Key)

Regular Cylinder (Both Side Key)

Regular Cylinder (Both Side Key)

Description: Euro profile pin cylinder suitable for all type of buildings where security and safety

requirements are very high. Regular Key Pin Cylinder operates on 5 pin mechanism which has a row

of 5 lateral pins. Its components are manufactured from high quality materials. Cylinder assembly

consists of high accuracy brass keys, Solid Brass Body & Plug, Quality 5 Pin Tumbler Key Mechanism;

All these features enable us to offer a Large number of key combinations.

Recommended For: Main Door/ Bedroom Door/ Bathroom Door/ Storeroom Door/ Hotel Doors

Recommended Locks: 101/102/103/104/105/106/107

Sizes Available: 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm (According to thickness of the door)

Keys: 3/5 Nickel plated Brass Keys

Material Used: Brass, S.S Spring for smooth operations, Sintered Cam

Finishes: Silver Satin, Brass Polish Lacquered, Antique

Packaging: Individually Packed in a box with mounting Screw and Keys